The last week was pretty much perfect in NW IL. The ground really dried out and warmed up. On Friday there were a few planters starting and by the end of the weekend every where you looked fields where being planted. It doesn't take long for farmers to get the crop in with how far technology has come in the past few years. When I started farming you hardly even planted in the dark! We had a good stretch of planting on our farm. The forecast looks wet and cold the next week. Hopefully we don't get as much as they are calling for. 

Equipment is so computerized now that one bad sensor or bad wire can shut down the whole thing. Our sprayer was down for two days while they looked for an electrical problem. It was a few minute fix but took two days to figure it out. As a farmer you can't hardly work on most parts of the tractors when there is an issue like that. 

The boys had a joint friends birthday sleepover last weekend. Sarah had 14 boys stay the night! She is more brave than me. Only a few injuries occurred! Nordstroms is selling mens jeans with fake mud on them for $400! All the farm wives could make a fortune!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

- Dustin 


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