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Sarah and I farm with her parents Tom and Karen Martz. Sarah and I started farming in 2006. We have two boys and a girl. (Peyton - 7, Maddox - 5, & Kyndall -  2 years) We operate a family grain operation and grow corn and soybeans. Tom and I also have a DEKALB /Asgrow Seed dealership.Tom and Karen have been renting many farms for more than 30 years. When we rent a farm we take care of it and improve it as if it was our own.We are regularly cleaning up fence lines, adding drainage tiles, re-shaping waterways, and anything else that may improve the farm. Additionally we keep constant communication with our landlords. We have been using our website for the last nine years.

 In the last few years we have fully adapted technology into our operation.  We are using Auto-Steer, Variable Rate Planting, Yield Mapping, GPS Soil Testing, Automatic Boom and Planter Section Control, iTEC Pro (turns the tractor on the headland), Apex Software, and the 20/20 Precision Planting Monitoring System. This year we are one of only 100 growers in the US that will be planting with DEKALB FieldScripts. These planting prescriptions are created from past years yield data, soil test results, and over 40 more variables. This technology not only results in less operator error, but we can more accurately apply seed and fertilizer in a more efficient way. In 2014 we started using UAV's to scout are crops from the air to help us improve our farming practices. It has been a big eye opener and we have learned many things we need to improve on. 

Welcome to our Farm!

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